Thursday, 16 April 2020

Mary Otto's book TEETH  Mary Otto Teeth

For those of us who lived through the fight for dental hygiene self regulation  Chpt 7  'Adventurers& Auxiliaries'  in Mary Otto's book stirs memories-not all good. 
For those of you who did not, it may be a 'wake up' call about the importance of prevention, and need for dental hygiene to teach and provide therapies. Diet (refined sugars and CHOs) and Dirt  (harmful bacteria) cause most dental disease-preventable. Yet dental hygiene   struggles to transfer knowledge. Too often dental hygiene is handmaiden in  the dental practice, directed by insurance codes, and /or need to sell dentistry. The art of dental hygiene--working with clients to change to healthy behaviours is lost. Fone's initial vision of dental hygiene  bringing knowledge and skills for oral health by  educating children in community  has 'fallen by the wayside'
Mary Otto. “The teeth are made from stern stuff. They can withstand floods, fires, even centuries in the grave. But the teeth are no match for the slow-motion catastrophe that is a life of poverty: its burdens, distractions, diseases, privations, low expectations, transience, the addictive antidotes that offer temporary relief at usurious rates

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